Grammar Rules Review

Grammar  Review

A rule in grammar’s a generalization. It’s a formula that one makes to account for how a given grammatical construction usually behaves. The rule isn’t necessarily true in every instance. It’s generally true. Don’t be concerned if you see or hear something that doesn’t coincide with a rule in this book.
2.Method of Study
The best method of improving your use of English grammar with this guide to study the formulas and sample sentences. Then do the practice exercise at the end of each sections. After each group of lessons that there is an exercise using grammatical points from the preceding explanations. If you still make errors that the practice test answer keys and the index give you the page number of the explanation to study again.
3.[ Subject+Verb+Complement+Modifier]
Ex: John and I ate a pizza last night.
We studied “present perfect” last week.
The subject’s the agent of the sentence in the active voice; it is the person or thing that performs or is responsible for the action of the sentence, and it normally precedes the verb. Note: For every sentence in English must have a subject. (In the case of commands that the subject [you] are understood.) The subject may be a single noun.
Coffee is delicious.
Milk contains calcium.
The subject may be a noun phrase. A noun phrase is a group of word ending with a noun. ( It cannot begin with a preposition.)
The book is on the table.
That new red car is John’s.
We girl are not going to that movie.
The weather was very bad yesterday.
The bank closed at two o’clock.

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